Welcome to Penmal Connect.

Welcome to Penmal Connect, my name is Penny, and I am one of the Directors of this exciting project, read below to learn more about us. Penmal Connect has several areas where we focus, these include,

  • University pathways
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Immigration services
  • Employment opportunities
  • And many more...

At Penmal Connect, we continue to build partnerships that are rewarding for us and all our clients. So far, hundreds of students have been supported by our dedicated staff to start their university and career pathways in different parts of the world.

At the heart of this business, diversity is the norm as we continue to connect various communities to the world of no limits. 

As you go through our website, I am convinced that you will find it informative, useful and user friendly.

I look forward to welcoming you to this platform and I know that my team of dedicated and experienced advisors are ready to walk with you to the whole world of possibilities.
Good luck!
Penelope Mwansa

About Us.

Our History

Penmal Connect started operations from Zambia in 2016 and became a registered limited company in the United Kingdom in December 2019.

Our headquarters for operations will be moving to the United Kingdom in 2020 where most of our key trading partners are based.

Our Concept

When the Penmal concept started, we had many business ideas on the table but within three months of operations, it became apparent that the business would only focus on service and marketing operations on behalf of our partners and valued clients.

We generally aim to provide links and connections between different people on our journey to globalization.

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