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Penmal Connect can help you achieve your dreams, we work with a number of education institutions, employment services, and accommodation providers.

Make your dreams come true!

Visa Applications

We are well versed in migration laws and policies, we can assist at all stages of the visa process.

University Application Process

We will help you with your application and make sure that it's the best it can be.

Pre-departure Counselling

We will provide you with information you need before arriving in your chosen study or working destination.


Scholarships can help you study abroad while removing the cost worry, we can help find one for you.
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Employment Opportunities

We don’t only help you get your dream university placement, we're also here to help you during and after your studies.

Post-arrival Work

If you want to work as well as study while you are abroad we can ensure this is possible.

Agency/Temporary/Permanent Placements

Different types of employmnent are available, we can help find a suitable one for you.
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University Study abroad made easy:

Make your Dream Come True!

We Look forward to helping you actualize your dream of studying abroad.

Trust Penmal Connect if you are interested in studying in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, Russia and many more.

We help students from every day.
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