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Penmal Connect is more than ready to connect you to the world of no limits!
We have hundreds of universities abroad that are ready to open new doors for you. For us, it is about you and your future.

We will take you through your career pathway interviews, university application process, Visa application, pre-departure counselling, accommodation challenges and post arrival guidance! 

We will be with you all the way including part-time work if required. At Penmal connect we are here to accompany you from where your high school teachers and your parents couldn’t proceed. We are ready to open a whole new world for you! We know your background and how your family wants the best for you, the best for your future family and your country.

At Penmal Connect, we are ready to connect you to the world of limitless possibilities!

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Penmal Connect can help put you on the right future path, our education partners offer various programs.
Foundation Programs

What is a Foundation Program?

A foundation programme offers you an alternative to A Levels or IB Diploma. If you have just completed your grade 12 year and or O levels/AS Levels and are looking to study abroad then a foundation program is something you could consider. These programmes are a bridge between your current qualifications and university undergraduate entry requirements. They are a good option for international and local students that need a little more assistance with their English before progressing into international year one. Most foundation programmes require a minimum IELTS score of 5.5, this maybe be higher depending on your chosen course. Academic requirements will depend on your chosen subject that you intend to study and the university.

International Year One

What is an International Year One Program?

International year one programmes are aimed for students that are overqualified for a foundation year but are underqualified for a direct entry to the first year of an undergraduate degree. The year one course is usually equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree programme, which allows students once they have completed the programme to progress directly into year two of an undergraduate degree.

Bachelors Degree

What is a Bachelors Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is a four or three-year degree meaning it typically takes three to four years of full-time study to complete your degree. A bachelor’s is a post-secondary undergraduate degree. High school students who have completed “A” levels or IB or a diploma, normally gain entry into first year of university. Each university will have their own list of the expected grade and requirements per course.

Post Graduate Degree

Usually students will not be able to enrol onto a Master’s course without completing a Bachelor’s degree with honours. Pre-Masters course are for international students who need to improve their English and academic skills ahead of a taught master’s degree. Pre-Masters programmes in the UK are designed to prepare international students fully for studying at postgraduate level and deliver high quality students.

Postgraduate diploma
A postgraduate diploma or degree allows a student who completed their first degree to study a more advanced programme. They are usually on the same level as a Masters degree however, they are often shorter and you wont have to proceed to a dissertation stage. This a good option for students that are looking to further their studies but do not want to commit to a full time masters course.

Master’s degrees which are usually a continuation on of a postgraduate diploma are normally awarded to students who have undertaken a year to four years of full-time postgraduate study. Students who would like to continue their education at a Master’s level would normally be expected to hold an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). The degree the student holds will need to be a relevant to the subject they are looking to complete with a master degree . Most universities institutions offer master degree programmes.

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